Moisturizing Skin Care Product Set


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Product information:

Specifications: Standard specifications

Net content: 30ml 100g 120ml 80ml 20g 50g

Category: Facial Care Suit

Effect of cosmetic product: moisturizing, softening skin

Packing list:

Centella asiatica soothing cleanser 100g*1 

Centella asiatica soothing repair toner l 20ml*1 

Centella asiatica soothing repair lotion 30ml*1 

Centella asiatica soothing repair lotion 80ml*1

 Centella asiatica nourish repair eye cream 20g*1

Centella asiatica nourish repair face cream 50g*1

Product Image:

Weight 1.43 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm
Product Specification

Skin Care Product Set


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