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Planet Wise Product Dog Poop Bags

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Only $1.11!!
Normally $15.99
Expires Tonight at Midnight PST

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Planet Wise Products Best Dog Poop Bags 630-Count, Pet Waste Removal No Leak Litter Plastic with Dispenser Leash Clip Bag Holder - Biodegradable Compostable Disposal System, 40 Refill Rolls Unscented

5 Stars customer reviews
Price: $ 15.99 (05/25/2017 04:54 PM PST)
In Stock
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Sold by Planet Wise Products
  • 630-COUNT HEAVY DUTY DOG WASTE BAGS – large and strong enough to hold up to even the largest piles of waste. Also allows you to cover your entire hand and wrist, helping you avoid coming in contact with any dog waste. Can also be used for cat litt...
  • THICK & LEAK-PROOF - our poop bags are thicker than standard to ensure maximum leak protection. Also has extra water resist coating to keep it dry and minimize waste odor
  • UNSCENTED, ALLERGY FREE - can be used around any dog, particularly good for sensitive puppies
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Product Description

Planet Wise Products Dog Poop Bags are thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof! This pack includes 40 rolls of 15 unscented and earth-friendly plastic bags. You can be sure it is safe to use even around the most sensitive dogs!

Also comes with free dispenser and leash clip to allow you to conveniently carry the bags every time you go out for a walk with your dog. Our doggie waste bags are for the conscious dog owner. Get yours today
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