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Pura Naturals Stink Free Sponges

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Pura Naturals Stink Free Cleaning Sponges Inhibit Bacteria. Stay Fresh NO ODOR Guarantee! Eco Kitchen / Household / Dish Sponges w/Walnut Scrubbers. 40x more durable. (Beige 6-pack | NO SOAP)

5 Stars customer reviews
Price: $ 16.95 (02/22/2019 11:28 AM PST)
In Stock
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Sold by Pura Naturals Best Eco Sponges
  • STINK FREE GUARANTEE. Are you cleaning with germy, smelly sponges or cloths? Eww! "The moist nooks & crannies of a wet sponge are a hotbed for germs & probably the most contaminated place in your house." -Dr. Oz Show. Pura's solved the germy, stinky...
  • IT CLEANS CRAZY EFFECTIVELY. Our patented sponges lift dirt, grease
  • UNIQUE LEAF SHAPE REACHES HARD TO CLEAN SPACES. Pura's 6-pack NO SOAP sponges contain 3 rectangular sponges
  • TAKE THE PURA SPONGE CHALLENGE. Compare our sponges to: 3M Scotch Brite non scratch, O-Cedar, OXO, Dobie, Skoy, Full Circle, George Foreman Grill Sponge, Lysol, Ocelo Sponges, Shark Tank Scrub Daddy, Microfiber, dish cloths, cellulose
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Product Description

What's the #1 source of germs in your house?

It's your common kitchen sponge! Ewww!

Bacteria per square inch: Dish towel=408, toilet seat=205, household sponge=134,630. There are 76 million U.S. bacteria illnesses each year. (Source WebMD)

Pura Naturals is NOT your ordinary sponge. Not even close! We help the planet, plus over deliver on everything:

-No stink guarantee
-Resistant to bacteria & mildew
-Made from plant-based/renewable resources
-Walnut shell scrapers pressed into sponge without glues
-Highly chemical resistant
-Lasts longer: 25x stronger than leading household sponge (UL Testing)
-pH neutral
-100% natural
-Ergonomic- Designed for hand comfort
-Easier to hold
-Pointed leaf shape for hard to reach areas
-Dries quickly. Soft, unlike competitors dried cardboard look
-Our manufacturing process removes carbon from the atmosphere, so consumers offset their carbon footprint with each purchase.
-Cruelty free
-Handmade in the USA

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